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Achieve your 2022 travel resolutions with Eurail

2022 is the year of possibility. The year of adventure, excitement and freedom. If you’ve ever wanted to travel across Europe, this is your year. Come on, you deserve it! 


Buy your Eurail Pass now, and achieve your travel goals in the next 11 months. Are you ready? 



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This year, make a resolution that really matters. Want to explore Europe? We've got you. 


Travel to over 40,000 destinations in 33 countries with our classic Pass, delivered straight to your device.

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Global Pass: 7 days in 1 month



7 days of unlimited train travel

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Global Pass: 5 days in 1 month



5 days of unlimited train travel

✔ Perfect for visiting 4–6 destinations

Mobile Pass – no shipping required

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Ready to kickstart your 2022 travels? From city breaks to summer fun, check out this year's top 10 European destinations. 


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Want to help the planet while you travel? Learn how to make your Eurail trip as eco-friendly as possible.