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Trains with additional supplements

Are you not sure what the "Additional supplement required" notification means on our seat reservations tool or timetable? Don't worry; you can still board these trains with your Eurail Pass; however, you need to buy an additional supplement to board the train. 


Please read this page carefully! The information and how to get a supplement differ for each of these exceptions. 

Eurocity Brenner

The full route of the Eurocity Brenner covers Germany, Austria and Italy. Therefore, you can use a domestic route in one country or travel internationally.


Due to these factors, the supplement fee depends on what section of the route you cover. 


*Domestic route

In Germany: a seat reservation is optional; no supplement.

In Austria: a seat reservation is optional; no supplement.

In Italy: a seat reservation fee is included in the mandatory supplement fee. 


**International routes

Between Germany and Austria: a seat reservation is optional; no supplement. 

Between Germany, Austria and Italy: a seat reservation is optional; a mandatory supplement is required. 


Cost of the supplement

Domestic journeys:  a seat reservation is optional. 


International routes: you need a mandatory supplement to travel to/from/within Italy. You can purchase the supplement in advance or on the train for a small fee (€5).

  • 2nd class: €10
  • 1st class: €15


How to book online

Eurail’s seat reservation tool: the supplement is included in the reservation when you book through our self-service tool (“supplement included” is printed on the ticket). 


How to book in Europe

  • Buy the supplement at a limited number of train stations in Europe, so it’s best to book in advance. 
  • Buy the supplement before boarding or on the train for a small fee (€5).


IC Direct in the Netherlands 

In the Netherlands, the Intercity Direct (IC) train requires a supplement to travel on the route between Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport. 


Cost of the supplement? 

  • 2,70€ in first or second class


Where to buy? 

Buy the supplement at ticket vending machines in the Netherlands or online via the NS website. 


You don't need a supplement to travel between Breda and Rotterdam with your Eurail Pass (full route of the IC Direct: Breda - Rotterdam - Schiphol Airport). 

Bernina Express in Switzerland

First class: You can travel in the panorama car on the Bernina Express with your first class Eurail Pass; however, you will need to pay for a supplement for this unforgettable experience.


Second class: You can travel for no extra cost without a supplement in second class with a first or second-class Eurail Pass (you'll get the same view at no extra cost). 


Price of the panorama car supplement 

As the supplement for this train is seasonal, the price will depend on when you travel. 

  • March to May: 24 CHF
  • June to September: 26 CHF
  • October: 24 CHF
  • 1 November to 10 December: 20 CHF


Where to buy? 



1. Go to the Bernina Express website.

2. For a seat in the panorama car, choose a route with the Bernina Express symbol.

3. When filling in your passenger details, you'll see a drop-down box called "Tickets / Reductions". Simply select "Eurail Pass" from the options.

4. You only have to pay for your seat reservation(s). You'll receive the reservation(s) by email.


At the station

You can also buy the supplement from train stations in Switzerland. However, the trains can become full during busy times, so it's best to book in advance. 


EIP Poland

In Poland, you need to buy an additional supplement to travel on the EIP trains on top of the mandatory seat reservation fee. 


Cost of the supplement

  • PLN 43 (approx €10)


There are three ways to purchase the supplement and reservation for the EIP, so take a look at the options below to decide what's best for you.  


Buy your reservation from our seat reservations tool

Good news! You can easily order your free reservation from our reservations tool and pay the additional €10 fee for the supplement. 


Buy your supplement and reservation in Poland

Buy the supplement locally for 43 PLN (approx €10) and make your free reservation at any major train station in Poland. 


Did you buy your reservation abroad? 

No problem! You can still buy the supplement locally for 43 PLN (approx €10) at one of the train stations in Poland, or in the train after boarding.