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Top 5 Fall destinations in Europe

Our top choices for autumn in Europe!

Italy in Fall

Fall destinations in Europe | Colosseum in Rome during fall

Why go?

Italy's crowds thin out when fall approaches. Hundreds of museums, restaurants, stores, and churches will keep you sheltered and engaged. It’s also festival season in Tuscany, where farmers present their harvests at various markets around the region.


How to get there

High-speed and regional rail routes can easily take you to most parts of Italy, and the major rail hubs are Milan and Rome. There are also day and overnight trains to countries like Switzerland, France, and Austria.


The Benelux in Fall

Fall destinations in Europe | Amsterdam in fall

Why go?

The Benelux region - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg - has some of the best fall destinations in Europe. Trees across the cities show off their fall colors, and the gentle sunlight casts medieval towns in an all-new splendor. Amsterdam also has tons of indoor attractions.


How to get there

Amsterdam and Brussels are the main rail hubs. High-speed and regional trains can connect you to most cities and small towns. There are also easy rail connections to neighboring countries.


France in Fall

Fall destinations in Europe | Eiffel Tower in Paris in fall

Why go?

Fall is one of the best times to visit France. Paris cools off and turns into a fall wonderland thanks to the changing leaves in several of its iconic parks. In the warmer south, farmers begin harvesting grapes, and there’s a decidedly festive atmosphere in the smaller villages.


How to get there

France’s rail network makes getting around by train fast and efficient. Paris is the main rail hub in the country. You can connect to most cities and towns, as well as all neighboring countries.


Germany in Fall

1 week in Germany | Neuschwanstein castle

Why go?

Germany holds several wine festivals as fall approaches, and you’ll find fall leaves in many of the country’s natural regions and city parks. Crowds and prices in bigger cities ease off, with the exception of those in Munich, where Oktoberfest kicks into gear between September 22 to October 7.


How to get there

Germany has a vast and comprehensive rail network. There are several key hubs located throughout the country, and it’s easy to get around with both high-speed and regional trains.



Switzerland in Fall

Fall destinations in Europe | Bernina Express scenic train in Switzerland in fall

Why go?

Travel to Switzerland in the fall and you’ll avoid the tourists and usually high prices. The changing leaves make it an ideal time to be outdoors - or see it from a scenic train. When the weather turns, there’s nothing better than a hot chocolate or traditional fondue somewhere warm and cosy.


How to get there

Zurich is the main rail hub in Switzerland. There are also routes to most cities, towns, and even small villages. Most trains are high-speed, and there are easy connections to bordering countries.


How can I see all of these fall destinations in Europe?

Get a Eurail Global Pass and discover Europe's fall beauty! When you travel through these fall destinations in Europe by train, you'll be able to watch the stunning and diverse sights from your window. What are you waiting for?