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Very few venture past Bosnia's beautiful borders, when they really should. With its complicated history, natural wonders and vibrant culture, Bosnia-Herzegovina definitely deserves a place on your bucket list. Check out our favorite picks to really experience the country. 


Visit Stari Most, Mostar


Stari Most, or Old Bridge, is the most iconic sight in Bosnia. A 16th-century Ottoman bridge in Mostar, it symbolizes the connections between the different cultural traditions of the city. Feeling brave? Join the locals and dive off the edge!



Try Travnički ćevapi


Cevapi are traditional Bosnian sausages, found all over the country. Head to the city of Travnik to try the local variety, served with onions in a grilled pita. 



Enjoy a morning coffee, Sarajevo


Did you know the Bosnians have five different words to describe when they're drinking coffee? Experience razdremusa, or breakfast coffee, in one of Sarajevo's cafés, drinking it just like the locals. 



Travel to Trebinje


Only 30km from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Trebinje is a great stop on your way to Bosnia's capital. Nestled in the mountains, this beautiful city has many marvelous monuments, such as the Old Bridge and the Hercegovačka Gračanica monastery. 



Go rafting, Foca 


If you want some outdoor fun, head to the municipality of Foca. With the green Tara Canyon passing straight through this area, you can ride the rapids for 25 kilometers (15 miles). 



Visit Jajce waterfall, Jajce 


Not many towns have a waterfall cascade directly in the center, so prepare to be wowed in Jajce. This historical town also has an ancient fortress perched on top of its charming streets, so there's plenty for you to see.



Go canoeing in Banja Luka


There's a lot to discover in Bosnia's second-largest city, but make sure to try canoeing in the basin of River Vrbas. Then, enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in one of the riverside cafés.



Visit Blagaj Tekija 


Just outside of Mostar lies an incredible sight. Settled at the cliff's base, with the green waters of the Buna river flowing beneath, the Tekke monastery of Blagaj simply must be visited. 



Travel back in time, Stanisici 


The quaint village of Stanisici is located close to the Serbian border. With its unusual Noah's Ark, water mill and monastery of St. Nicholas, this traditional village is an interesting stop to discover Bosnia's folk culture. 



Marvel at medieval Počitelj


The tiny village of Počitelj has a unique blend of medieval and Ottoman architecture, preserved and isolated from the rest of the world. Visit this stunning settlement to inhale the tranquility in the air. 

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