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Oh, Slovenia. Go there once, and you'll never be the same. From watching the sunrise at Lake Bled to wine tasting in Goriška Brda, you're spoilt for choice with bucket list experiences. You'd better get started!


Watch the sunrise at Lake Bled


This really goes without saying. There's not much that could make Lake Bled better than it already is, but seeing the sun rise across the Julian Alps is something very special. Head up to Mala Osojnica for the iconic view across the mystical lake, and take snacks! 



Visit Vintgar Gorge 


With tumbling emerald and turquoise water, Vintgar Gorge is the perfect place to visit alongside Lake Bled. Wander along the wooden bridges, hearing the rush of water below. 



Go paddleboarding in Ljubljana


Ljubljana is known for its beautiful bridges over the Ljubljanica river, so what better way to see them than from the water? Join a daily paddleboarding tour to see the Triple Bridge, Butchers' Bridge, and all the city's sights from a unique angle. 



Try Bled cream cake, Lake Bled


When we say Bled cream cake, we really mean it. This perfect pastry concoction is a protected dish that can only be served in Bled itself. And, with layers of vanilla cream, custard, and soft, powdered pastry, it's worth making the trip there just for that...


slovenia-lak- bohinj-kayak

Kayak on Lake Bohinj 


We've all heard of Lake Bled, but have you heard of Lake Bohinj? Nestled in the Triglav National Park, this sister lake is just as beautiful and even more serene. Kayak across its calm surface, before taking the cable car up the mountain for perfect panoramas. 



Visit Predjama Castle 


Predjama Castle is not something you'll see very often: a 12th century castle built directly into the cliff. Not enough for you? Check out the network of secret tunnels and caves hidden behind the castle, used in medieval times. 



Row to the island and ring the church bell, Lake Bled 


Lake Bled is iconic. A perfect lake nestled in the Julian Alps, with a small island rising in the center. Rent a rowing boat and head out to the island's church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. Inside, ring the church bell, as it makes your wishes come true! 



Slip into the Škocjan Caves


Dive into the depths of the Škocjan Caves, a subterranean complex with the largest underground gorge in Europe. Marvel at the rapids, waterfalls, and cave structures along the 6km walkway, or glide along the Reka River beneath. 



Go wine-tasting in Goriška Brda


Goriška Brda has been nicknamed 'Slovenia's Tuscany', producing some of the country's finest wine. Head to Brda to see the oldest grapevine in the world, before sampling some of the delicious local produce. 



Stargaze in Triglav National Park 


Have you ever dreamt of sleeping beneath the stars? Stay in one of Triglav's mountain huts for an indescribable experience. With stunning surroundings during the day and the sky alive at night, you'll never want to leave. 


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