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Slovakia By Train

Train travel is the ideal way to explore the untainted terrains and rich folk culture of Slovakia. With your Eurail Pass, the hospitable young city of Bratislava is easily accessible. Enjoy the historic town of Kosice in east Slovakia and marvel at the mineral-rich Štiavnica mountain ranges. And while you're here, taste the Slovak wines from the Carpathian regions.


Train types in Slovakia

Most trains in Slovakia offer bike transportation. Some trains, especially on international routes, need a special reservation. Bike tickets are available at train stations.

Domestic Trains


Eurocity (EC) and InterCity (IC)

  • Intercity trains between larger cities
  • Reservations are required

Express (Ex), Rýchlik (R), and Regionálny Rýchlik (RR)

  • Long distance interregional trains
  • Reservations are only required in 1st class

Regional fast train (REX) and Osobný Vlak (Os)

  • Regional and commuter trains

International Trains

EuroCity (EC)

  • Budapest – Bratislava – Brno – Prague – (Berlin) 
  • Budapest – Bratislava – Ostrava – Katowice – Krakow - Przemysl 
  • Nove Zamky – Bratislava – Brno – Prague


RailJet (RJX)

  • Bratislava – Vienna – Salzburg – Innsbruck - Zurich


SuperCity (SC)

  • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Ostrava - Prague


InterCity (IC)

  • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Ostrava – Prague 
  • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Bratislava – Vienna


Regional trains to Vienna (REX)

  • REX 6: Bratislava Petrzalka – Bruck an der Leitha – Vienna 
  • REX 8: Bratislava Hl. St. - Devinska Nova Ves – Vienna


LEO Express

  • International train between Slovakia and Czech Republic. You need an Interrail Global Pass or a Slovakia Pass to travel on this train. 
  • Reservations are free of charge, but it's mandatory to make one before you board. 
  • Tickets can be booked up to 3 months in advance on the website
  • Routes available: 
    • Kosice Poprad Zilina – Ostrava – Olomouc - Prague



  • International trains run between Slovakia and Czech Republic. You need an Interrail Global Pass or a Slovakia Pass to travel on this train. 
  • Reservations for most trains are mandatory. 
  • Tickets can be booked up to 3 months in advance on the website
  • Reservations are mandatory on the following (RJ) routes: 
    • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Ostrava – Olomouc – Prague 
    • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Ostrava – Olomouc – Prague (night train) 
    • Bratislava – Brno – Prague 
    • Seasonal direct trains from Prague to Rijeka are not included. (RJ 1044/1047/1367/1364)

Night Trains

Night trains run from Slovakia to Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Croatia


Domestic Night trains

  • Bratislava – Zilina – Poprad – Kosice – Humenne (R 615 Zemplin) 
  • Bratislava – Nove Zamky – Zvolen – Kosice (R 801 Pol’ana)


EuroNight (EN)

  • Kosice – Poprad – Ostrava – Prague 
  • Humenne – Kosice – Poprad – Ostrava – Prague 
  • Kosice – Zvolen – Bratislava – Brno – Prague 
  • Budapest – Bratislava – Breclav – Brno – Prague 
  • Budapest – Bratislava – Breclav – Krakow – Warsaw 
  • Budapest – Bratislava – Breclav – Ostrava – Wroclaw – Berlin 
  • Bratislava – Vienna – Maribor – Zagreb – Split (summer only)


RegioJet (RJ)

  • Kosice – Poprad – Zilina – Ostrava – Olomouc – Prague


Popular connections

Let us show you the average travel times between Slovakia's biggest cities. Reservations are optional for all of these train journeys.


Route Travel time (by InterCity)
Bratislava to Kosice 4h 50m
Bratislava to Presov 5h 20m
Bratislava to Zilina 1h 45m
Bratislava to Poprad (Tatra Mountains) 3h 30m
Bratislava to Banska Bystrica 3h 40m
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Bratislava to Berlin (Germany) EuroNight 10h 10m Required
Bratislava to Budapest (Hungary) EuroCity 2h 40m Optional
Bratislava to Prague (Czech Republic) EuroCity / RegioJet 4h Required (EuroCity) / Optional (RegioJet)
Bratislava to Vienna (Austria) Regional 1h Not required
Bratislava to Warsaw (Poland) EuroNight 8h Required



How to make reservations for trains in Slovakia:

Eurail reservation self-service system

  • Eurail
    • R, EX, IC, EC, SC, RailJet, Nightjet, EuroNight

Administration costs when booking through Eurail self-service

  • € 2,- p.p.per train
  • Additional € 9,- per order (for paper tickets)

With railway carriers

Locally at the train station in Slovakia


Good to know

  • InterCity trains (IC): Reservation fees via ZSSK €3–€25.
  • Eurocity (EC): Reservation fees via ZSSK: €1. Reservations are optional.
  • Night trains: Fees depend on destination and type of seat/bed booked.
  • Express trains (Ex): Reservation fees via ZSSK: €1-2. Only mandatory in 1st class.
  • Rýchlik (R): Reservation fees via ZSSK: €1-2. Only mandatory in 1st class.

Most domestic trains require reservations if you're travelling in 1st class. The reservation is €2 if you buy it through ZSSK.


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Tips and tricks for Slovakia

Quick facts

  • Capital: Bratislava

  • Population: 5.4 million

  • Language: Slovak

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +421

Slovakia main train station

The railway hub of Slovakia is in Bratislava:

  • Bratislava Hlavna stanica (main station).

  • It has ticket machines and information service.

  • Located 1 km from Bratislava's Old Town.

  • Bus and tram stops are outside the station.

Hotels and resorts

Eurail pass holders in Slovakia get discounts on accommodation at a number of hotels and wellness centers.

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