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The best European countries to visit - all by train

The best places to visit in Europe can all be reached with a Eurail Pass! Check out detailed information about the 33 European countries you can visit, as well as key train routes and approximate journey times between your destinations.

1 week in Italy | Sunset view of Ponte Vecchio over Arno River in Florence, Italy

Italy By Train

Traveling Italy by train means seeing all the wonders, from the ancient relics of Pompeii to the spectacualr Tuscan coastline. Discover all of Italy's treasures!

City cards | Street view on the beautiful residential buildings in Nantes city

France by Train

Your Eurail France Pass is the key to the world's most popular travel destination. Explore the romantic captial Paris and relax at the beach on the French Riviera. 

2 weeks in Europe | Spain

Spain by Train

Trains are the perfect way to travel in Spain. Discover the country's lively cities, lovely beaches, and it's amazing food. 


Jungfraubahn, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

For the scenery: Switzerland

Switzerland is high on the wish list of many Eurail travelers. You can explore Switzerland by rail with a Euail Pass and travel through the snow-capped Alps, alongside beautiful mountrain lakes. 

Neuschwanstein Castle Autumn

For the castles: Germany

Germany is filled with inspiring destinations, like the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle. Check out the dynamic capital Berlin and other major cities like Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

Algrave Beach Portugal

For the sunshine: Portugal

Traveling by train in Portugal will lead you to some of the most diverse destinations imaginable. Use your Euail Pass to discover the white sand beaches of Algrave and the magical energy of Lisbon. 


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