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Sweden By Train

Sweden is an exciting and beautiful country to visit. From charming cities like Stockholm, to seemingly endless natural wonders, your Eurail Sweden Pass will show the very best that this country has to offer. The views from the train, and the stops along the way, will create memories that last a lifetime.


Train types in Sweden

The extensive Swedish railway network is run by SJ. Modern trains travel regularly between the cities in Sweden, offering both comfort and stunning views from the train window. You can find Swedish train times in the Eurail timetable.


Bicycles are not allowed on Swedish trains, unless they're foldable and can be carried as hand luggage.

Map with main train connections in Sweden

Domestic Trains

SJ Regional (REGIONAL)

  • Regional trains throughout Sweden

  • Reservations are optional


SJ InterCity (IC)

  • Reservations are mandatory


SJ High-speed train (HST)


  • Fast connections between the bigger cities
  • Reservations are mandatory


Trains to/from Arlanda Airport

  • Arlanda Express
    • Stop at Arlanda Central station
    • Extra station fee of SEK 135 (€12) needed at Arlanda Central station
  • All other trains to Arlanda Airport
    • Stops at Arlanda Södra (South) and Arlanda Norra (North) stations
    • No extra supplement or reservation needed














    International trains

    SJ InterCity (IC)

    • Stockholm - Oslo (Norway)
    • Reservations are mandatory


    VY Regional (RE)

    • Göteborg - Oslo (Norway)
    • Reservations are optional


    SJ High Speed (HST)

    • Stockholm - Copenhagen (Denmark)
    • Reservations are mandatory


    Öresundståg trains (regional)

    • Malmö - Copenhagen (Denmark)
    • Reservations are optional

    Night trains


    Reservations are mandatory on all night trains.


    SJ night train (NT)

    • Domestic routes within Sweden
      • Stockholm – Östersund - Åre – Duved (ski resorts) 
      • Göteborg - Östersund - Åre – Duved (ski resorts) 
      • Stockholm – Umeå 
      • Göteborg - Umeå 
      • Stockholm to Malmö


    SJ EuroNight

    • Stockholm - Malmö - Copenhagen Airport - Hamburg (Altona) - Berlin (from April 2023)


    VY night train

    • Stockholm – Boden - Kiruna - Narvik (Norway)
    • Stockholm – Boden - Luleå


    Snälltåget night train

    • Malmö – Stockholm – Östersund - Åre – Duved - Storlien (ski resorts) 
    • Stockholm – Malmö – Copenhagen Örestad – Hamburg – Berlin

    Scenic Trains


    • Travels all the way up to the Arctic Circle
    • Fully included in your Eurail Pass


    Iron Ore Line

    • Luleå to Narvik across the Arctic circle
    • From the Gulf of Bothnia to the Atlantic Ocean
    • Trains on this line operated by VY Norrtåg are included in your Eurail pass


    Private railway companies in Sweden


    Most of them are included in your Pass. See the full list of included companies.



    Popular connections

    These are the average travel times between Sweden's most important cities. Reservations are optional for all of these train journeys.


    Route Travel time
    Stockholm to Gothenburg 3h
    Stockholm to Kiruna
    (Night train via Sundsvall)
    17h 30m
    Stockholm to Malmö 4h 30m
    Stockholm to Sundsvall 3h 50m
    Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
    Stockholm to Copenhagen (Denmark) SJ high-speed 5h 05m Required
    Stockholm (via Copenhagen, Denmark) to Hamburg (Germany) SJ high-speed + InterCity 10h 40m Required
    Stockholm to Oslo (Norway) SJ high-speed 5h 30m Required
    Göteborg to Oslo (Norway) Regional 3h 30m Recommended
    Stockholm to Berlin (Germany) SJ EuroNight / Snälltåget 15h 30m (overnight) Required



    Eurail reservation self-service system

    • Eurail
    • RE, IC, HST (X2000), Domestic night trains, EuroNight, Snälltaget

    Administration costs when booking through Eurail self-service

    • € 2,- p.p.per train
    • Additional € 9,- per order (for paper tickets)

    With railway carriers


    An explanation of how each booking platform works can be found here: How do I book my reservations


    Get your Pass for Sweden

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    Tips and tricks for Sweden

    Quick facts

    • Capital: Stockholm

    • Population: 9.5 million

    • Language: Swedish

    • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)

    • Dialing code: +46

    Spelling of city names

    On Swedish train timetables and at train stations in Sweden, you'll usually find the local spelling of Swedish cities and stations. Here is the local spelling of some popular Swedish cities:

    • Gothenburg = Göteborg

    Ferry travel and other benefits


    With a valid Eurail Pass for Sweden, you'll get discounted travel on ferry routes to the following countries:

    • Finland
    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Germany


    A Eurail Pass valid in Sweden covers free travel on the following routes:

    • SJ trains directly to and from Copenhagen and Copenhagen airport


    • Direct SJ trains from Stockholm to Oslo



    Another benefit is access to the SJ lounge at Malmo Station, Gothenburg station, and at Stockholm Central station. See the conditions below:

    • Eurail or Interrail Pass for travel in 1st class
    • An SJ reservation in 1st or 2nd class valid that same day


    See all Pass benefits for Sweden


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