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Spain By Train


Trains are the perfect way to travel in Spain. The country is filled with lively cities, cultural curiosities, lovely beaches, and great food. Your Eurail Spain Pass is your ticket to amazing rail adventures, from the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia to the unspoilt beaches of the Costa Brava.


Train types in Spain

The majority of trains you'll take on the Spanish rail network are run by RENFE, the country's national train company. High-speed and night trains connect Spain to other European countries. You can search for Spanish train times in the Eurail timetable as well as on the RENFE website.

Map with main train connections in Spain
Map with main train connections in Spain

Regional and Intercity trains

Media Distancia (RE)

  • Connects larger cities with smaller destinations over medium distances.

  • Fast trains making frequent stops along their routes.


Cercanías (RE)

  • Suburban trains serving Spain's largest cities such as Madrid and Valencia. In Catalonia, around Barcelona, these trains are branded as Rodalies.

Domestic high-speed trains

Avant (AVN)

  • High-speed services for short journeys along short to medium routes.

  • Faster and more comfortable than Media Distancia with similar coverage.



  • Covering Europe's largest high-speed rail network, these trains travel on speeds of up to 310 km/h (193 mph).
  • Takes you from Madrid to Barcelona in under 3 hours.


Alvia (ALV)

  • Comfortable, long-distance trains connecting Madrid and Barcelona to destinations throughout Spain.


Intercity (IC)

  • Comfortable, long-distance trains connecting Madrid to destinations in the south of Spain.


Euromed (EUR)

  • High-speed, air-conditioned trains running along the Mediterranean coastline of north-eastern Spain.

  • Connects key cities in the Levante region: Barcelona to Valencia in just over 3 hours then onwards to Alicante.

International high-speed trains in Spain

TGV INOUI to France

  • TGV INOUI Trains operated by the French railways.
  • Barcelona – Paris.


RENFE AVE to France

  • Barcelona – Lyon
  • Madrid – Marseille
  • Reservations are required


Celta (IC)

  • Intercity trains that link Spanish train station Vigo Guixar with Porto in Portugal.


Other International routes to France (also see Night Trains section)

Rodalies (RE)

It is possible to reach cities such as Perpignan and Toulouse by local trains from Barcelona. These French cities are very well connected to Paris and the rest of France by TGV and other trains, as an alternative to the direct Barcelona-Paris services.

  • Barcelona – Latour de Carol (France), see Rodalies (search for La Tor de Querol-Enveitg). 
    • From Latour de Carol, connecting trains go to Toulouse. 
  • Barcelona – Cerbère (France), see our timetable and filter on regional trains 
    • From Cerbere, connecting trains go to Perpignan, Montpellier, Nîmes, and Avignon (France).


Alvia (ALV) Madrid – Irun

  • Madrid – Valladolid – San Sebastian – Irun (French border).
    • A 3km walk from Irun to Hendaye (France) to take direct trains to Bordeaux and Paris. Or take Euskotren (not included for Passholder)


Other International routes to Portugal

IC & Regional train (RE)

  • Madrid - Lisbon/Porto(Portugal). See our Rail Planner.
    • Madrid – Badajoz by IC.
    • Badajoz – Entroncamento.
    • Entroncamento – Lisbon/Porto with connecting trains.

Night trains

Intercités de Nuit (NT)

Night trains connecting the Spanish border to France. The following routes are useful for travelers to France:

  • Latour de Carol – Paris  (Daily)
  • Cerbere – Paris (Not daily)


Use the Intercités de Nuit as an alternative route to France

Night trains from Latour de Carol and Hendaye are good alternatives for the busy TGV routes from Barcelona. The night train to Hendaye is a good alternative to reach San Sebastian and Bilbao.

  • Search for Latour de Carol to Paris in our timetable and find the local train from Barcelona to Latour de Carol on the Rodalies website (‘La Tor de Querol-Enveitg’).
  • Search for Cerbere to Paris and Barcelona to Cerbere in separate enquiries in our timetable. This train only runs daily during summer season.
  • Search for Hendaye to Paris in our timetable and find the local trains from San Sebastian and Bilbao on Euskotren* to Spain. RENFE trains from San Sebastian and Madrid arrive to Irun, which is a 30 minute walk across the border or a 4 minute train ride by Euskotren.*

*Euskotren is not part of the Eurail network. Buy your tickets locally in Hendaye in vending machines or at the ticket desk.


Popular connections

Here are approximate times between Spain's most popular cities when taking direct high-speed trains.

Route Duration

Barcelona to Madrid
(AVE high-speed train)

2h 30m

Barcelona to Malaga
(AVE high-speed train)

2h 30m

Madrid to Granada
(AVE high-speed train)

3h 35m

Madrid to Valencia
(AVE high-speed train)

1h 50m

Madrid to Santiago de Compostela
(Alvia high-speed train)

3h 15m

Madrid to Seville
(AVE high-speed train)

2h 30m

Barcelona to Valencia
(Euromed high-speed train)
2h 50m
Madrid to Irun
(Alvia high-speed train)
5h 50m


By traveling with slower regional trains you do not need to make reservations. For example, there's a direct regional train ride from Barcelona to Madrid that takes 9h 06m. That's 6 and a half hours longer than the high-speed train journey.

You can travel to and from Spain from popular cities in the following European countries:

Route Which train? Duration Reservations
Barcelona to Paris (France) SNCF 6h 50m Required
Vigo to Porto (Portugal) Celta 2h 15m Required
Madrid to Lisbon (Portugal) via Badajoz IC + RE + IC 9h  Required (Madrid – Badajoz & Entroncamento – Lisbon)
Madrid to Porto (Portugal) via Badajoz IC + RE + IC 11h Required (Madrid – Badajoz & Entroncamento – Lisbon)
Madrid to Porto (Portugal) via Vigo ALV + RE + IC 11h Required (Madrid – Pontevedra)



How can I make reservations for trains in Spain?

More often than not, you need to make advance reservations for trains in Spain. Fees vary depending on the type of seat or bed you choose. 


Eurail reservation self-service system

  • Eurail
    • TGV Barcelona – Paris (international tickets only) 
    • Only AVE, Euromed & Alvia trains (domestic tickets only)

Other platforms

  • Rail Europe:
    • TGV Barcelona – Paris
    • Intercités de Nuit Bayonne/Cerbere/Latour de Carol – Paris

At a local railway station

  • Reservations for other domestic and long-distance trains in Spain can only made locally at the ticket desk of a Spanish Long Distance railway station. Find a list of long distance train stations  here. You can make reservations on the day of travel or for up to one year in advance.
  • The international TGV’s connecting Barcelona with Lyon and Paris in France, can only be booked at train stations in France and in the Eurail reservation self-service system.
  • AVE international trains, reservations can only be made at a train station in Spain. They cannot be booked online or at a train station in France.

By calling RENFE phone sales

  • +34 91 232 03 20 
  • Pre-reserving a seat is possible. You will receive a PNR code which you must use to pick up and pay for your reservation at a local station ticket office, making sure to show your Eurail Pass. After the booking, you must collect your reservation within 72 hours. The reservation can only be booked up to 24 hours before the train departure time. After this time the pre-reservation will expire. 
  • Please note that a pre-reservation is not the same as a reservation. It only holds a seat for you for 72 hours.
  • Your ticket must be picked up from a train station in Spain. 

If you have a disability or reduced mobility and you want to travel by train in Spain, you can request help from Atendo Service. You can contact them by phone:

  • Phone number: +34 91 214 05 05
  • Opening hours: 24/7

Other locations

  • In Portugal, the following stations have international ticket desks where you can make reservations for RENFE trains departing from Badajoz and Vigo: Lisbon Santa Apolónia, Lisbon Oriente, Lisbon Rossio, Porto Campanhã, Porto São Bento, Aveiro, Coimbra and Faro.
  • At a Deutsche Bahn ticket office. You need to provide the train number.


You can get more detailed information about train reservations in our reservation guide.


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Tips and tricks

Quick facts

  • Capital: Madrid

  • Population: 47.2 million

  • Language: Spanish

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +34


Spelling of city names

On Spanish train timetables and at train stations in Spain, you'll usually find the local spelling of Spanish cities and stations.


Here is the local spelling of some popular Spanish cities:

  • Alicante = Alacant

  • Seville = Sevilla

Spanish hub stations

Spain's main hub stations are Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Almudena Grandes, Barcelona Sants, Irun and Portbou. At these train stations, it's possible to connect to trains to Spain's main cities and many international destinations.


Station facilities

Stations in Spain usually have excellent facilities, often including:

  • Luggage lockers

  • Foreign exchange desks

  • Restaurants and cafés

  • Tourist information offices

  • ATM cash machines

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Access for disabled passengers


Gate at stations for some local lines

Barcode paper or mobile Pass cannot be used.


There is a number of stations with access gates. In these stations, customers can ask the staff to open them by showing the pass (and the seat reservation if necessary). In case there’s no staff at the station, the gates will be permanently open or will open automatically.


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