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Denmark By Train

Your Eurail Pass is your ticket to everything Danish. Whether you’re into vibrant cities, lovely beaches, lush forests or beautiful countryside, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when you travel by train in Denmark. And your Eurail pass will take you there, quickly and efficiently.


Train types in Denmark


The national railway company of Denmark is called DSB (Danish State Railways - Danske Statsbaner). Eurail Passes valid in Denmark are also valid on trains operated by the following railway companies: Arriva, DSB S-Tog and DSBFirst.


Regional trains (RØ, RV, ØR, IR)

  • Regional trains throughout Denmark


InterCity and InterCity Lyn (IC, ICL)

  • Faster than the regional trains

  • Various routes within Denmark



  • Suburban trains in Copenhagen

  • Fully included in your Interrail Pass


Nordjyske Jernbaner (NJ)

  • Fully included in your Interrail Pass


Lokaltog (RE)

  • Local trains on the island Sjælland
  • Fully included in the pass


Private railway companies in Denmark

  • Most are included in your Interrail Pass


Bicycles are permitted on the train upon purchase of a special bike ticket.
From May to August bike space must be booked in advance for IC and ICL trains.

SJ High-speed train

  • Copenhagen to Stockholm (Sweden)


Eurocity (EC)

  •  Copenhagen – Odense – Kolding – Hamburg
  • Reservations are mandatory in the summer months (June 1st until September 1st)



  • Copenhagen Ørestad – Stockholm (Night train from Berlin and Hamburg)

SJ Euronight (EN)

  • Berlin (from 31 March) - Hamburg - Copenhagen Airport - Malmö - Stockholm 
  • Runs daily


  • Berlin - Hamburg - Copenhagen Ørestad - Malmö - Stockholm 
  • Runs daily except Saturdays
  • Also serves as a day train from Copenhagen Ørestad to Stockholm


Popular connections

These are the average travel times between the biggest cities in Denmark. Seat reservations are optional for all these train journeys.


Route Travel time
Copenhagen to Alborg 4h 45m
Copenhagen to Arhus 3h 20m
Copenhagen to Esbjerg 3h 35m
Copenhagen to Odense 1h 45m
Aalborg to Hirtshals (ferry to Norway) 1h 05m
Aalborg to Frederikshavn (Ferry to Norway and Sweden) 1h 10m


Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Copenhagen to Hamburg (Germany) Intercity (IC) 4h 56m Optional (Required June 1st till September 1st)
Copenhagen to Malmö (Sweden) Regional train (Öresundståg) 40m No reservation on Öresundståg
Copenhagen to Oslo (Norway)
(via Gothenburg, Sweden)
Regional train 8h 30m No reservation Copenhagen-Gothenburg. Optional reservation Gothenburg-Oslo.
Copenhagen to Stockholm (Sweden) High Speed Train (X2000) 5h 15m Required
Copenhagen to Berlin (Germany) Copenhagen to Berlin (Germany) 8h 55m & 9h 40m Required




How can I make reservations for trains in Denmark?

Eurail reservation self-service system

Administration costs when booking through Eurail self-service

  • € 2,- p.p.per train
  • Additional € 9,- per order (for paper tickets)

With railway carriers

Locally at the train station


Which trains in Denmark require reservations?

  • SJ High-speed train: approximately €9 (DKK 67) in 2nd class and €18 (DKK 134) in 1st class
  • Eurocity (EC trains to and from Germany): €4,90 (DKK 33) in 2nd class and €5,90 (DKK 44) in 1st class. Required during summer season only (June 1st until September 1st)
  • SJ Euronight: fees depend on destination and type of seat/bed booked.
  • Snälltåget: fees depend on destination and type of seat/bed booked.


Reservations recommended for long journeys

  • InterCity (IC) and InterCityLyn (ICL): approximately €4 (DKK 30)


Get your Pass for Denmark

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Tips and tricks for Denmark

Quick facts

  • Capital: Copenhagen (local spelling: København)

  • Population: 5.6 million

  • Language: Danish

  • Currency: Danish krone (DKK)

  • Dialing code: +45

Spelling of cities in Denmark

On Danish train timetables and at train stations in Denmark, you'll usually find the local spelling of Danish cities and stations.

Here is the local spelling of some popular Danish cities:

  • København = Copenhagen

Eurail aid office in Denmark

For questions about Eurail, you can go to the international ticket desk at Central Station København (Copenhagen). It is open daily from 09:30am to 06:00pm. See more Eurail aid offices in Europe.

Airport-station link

Copenhagen Kastrup airport has a train station situated at terminal 3. There are connections to København H (main train station of Copenhagen), Malmö (Sweden) and many other destinations.


General train travel information

For general information about train travel in Denmark, you can contact the DSB Customer Centre: by phone +45 70 13 14 15 (daily 08:00 - 20:00, English speaking staff) or by mail:


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