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Here’s how to pick up a new skill while you’re traveling in Europe.

They say travel broadens the mind, and we totally agree. Whether it’s something you can’t learn anywhere else or just something you always wanted to do, your Eurail trip is a great opportunity to track down an impressive new skill to add to your repertoire...


Learn to cook a regional dish


Europe is foodie heaven, but you can’t take all that tapas home with you. So what better way to spend a day than learning the secrets behind the dishes discovered on your travels? Cook with a Catalan grandma in Barcelona or learn to prepare pierogis like a pro in Krakow. Just think of the stories you can tell next time you throw a dinner party…


Find your specialist subject


Indulge your inner nerd and spend a day becoming an expert in something unusual. Head to Brussels to discover the secret to Belgian chocolates, or learn who’s who in Norse mythology in Stockholm. You never know, you might discover your true calling…


Start speaking the language


How’s your Hungarian? If you love languages but don’t want the high school flashbacks, spend some time learning from the people who know best. From becoming fluent in ‘Fungarian’ on the streets of Budapest to practicing Italian over an espresso in Verona, you’ll be swapping stories with the locals in no time. Maybe.


Learn a new sport


All about the action? Learn how to windsurf on Europe’s beautiful beaches, or hit the slopes for a day before the season’s over. Or if ball sports are more your thing, try your hand at a rapid game of pelota in the Basque Country, or slow it down with some Pétanque in France. #makeeverydaycount


Improve your sommelier skills


Who doesn’t want to spend a day surrounded by wine? When you’re on vacation your glass should always be half full, so treat yourself to a tasting tour of France's famous Medoc wine region or a Slovenian wine tasting experience in a 300-year-old cellar.


Connect with new people


Want to break out of your comfort zone and learn about a new culture at the same time? Whether you're in Barcelona or Budapest, get a true taste of the city and its people by dining with a local host through Eatwith. If you're lucky, you'll find your new favourite food and your new best friends.


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