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Make every day count

How would you spend your dream day in Europe?

Apparently it takes us eight days to settle into a new routine and reach peak happiness on a trip away. Since vacations are never ever long enough, here are our ideas on how to make the most of your travel days so you can make the happiness last longer.

What would you do with a whole day to spend however you like?


Whether it’s ticking something huge off your bucket list or simply putting a smile on someone’s face, you can spend your travel days doing whatever makes you happiest.  Just make it memorable and make it count! #makeeverydaycount

Spread some kindness


Keep karma on your side while you travel.

Learn something new


You might find your new favorite hobby.

Tick off a life goal


Do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Relax and unwind


Give into temptation and treat yourself.

Immerse yourself in a city


Get to know a city as well as the locals do.

What’s a travel day?


In short, 24 hours of unlimited train travel.

Get inspired by other travelers


With a Eurail Pass, you can easily add an entirely new destination to your itinerary. Get inspired by our Instagram feed and decide what you'd like to see, discover, and experience!