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Relax and unwind

Here’s how to chill out while you’re on your travels in Europe

Because relaxing is truly what vacation is all about. You don’t have to go full Eat Pray Love, but if you feel like you need to switch off your phone and recharge your own batteries instead, we’ve got some great ideas for where to chill out.


Sink into a Budapest spa


When you need to relax, nothing beats a hot bath, and Budapest is full of them. Soothe away aches and pains with a day of soaking in the thermal waters and treat yourself to a massage. You’ll leave feeling like a new you.


Experience a real Finnish sauna


Time to get steamy. There’s no better place to visit a sauna than in the country that invented it. Stripping down and sweating may not seem like the most relaxing thing you can do, but the sauna is a sanctuary for Finns. You’ll never know until you try it…


Find a yoga class


​Stretch away the stress by dropping into a yoga class. Use Yoga Finder to find a session you like the look of and take some time to work on your poses in new surroundings. The best part is you don’t even need to speak the language – just go with the flow.


Take a scenic train route


From the Bernina Express in Switzerland to the Flåm Railway in Norway, some journeys in Europe are so scenic that they’re worth taking just for the views. Sit back, relax and bag yourself a window seat – it’s the perfect way to unwind as endless dreamy scenery goes by.


Hit the beach


Nothing is more soothing than lying in the sun, so if the weather’s good we recommend you simply grab a book and a bottle of sunscreen and hop on a train to your nearest beach. If the coast is too far, there’s sure to be a lake nearby – or find a city beach like Paris Plages.


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