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Group travel done right

Our top tips for group travel

Giesse, Germany by Simon Maage

Planning a summer getaway with your best buddies?


Then group travel is certainly the way to go! Sharing adventures with your friends can be a fun way to create memories together. You know what they say, "Friends that travel together, stay together!"



5 Ways to Save Money

When Traveling as a Group

  • Keep track of group discounts on travel, accomodation or activities.
  • Share the costs for practical things like groceries or tips. For countries where tap water is not potable, it's wise to share big bottles of water rather than buying them in small containers. It's more eco-friendly too!
  • Buy in bulk. If the group is getting souvenirs like fridge magnets, it's cheaper to buy them together. 
  • Prepare and cook food together! Pack some snacks. This is cheaper than always dining in restaurants.
  • Plan your expenses as a group. It's easy to lose track of your expenses when traveling together. Don't go beyond your budget.




5 Things to Remember When Traveling in a Group


  • Discuss your budgets. Money is a sensitive issue. That's why setting expectations beforehand can help avoid conflict.
  • Split tasks among the group. Put somebody in charge of certain details such as booking accommodation or researching activities.
  • Traveling together does not mean you have to do all things together. Plan some trips alone or as pairs. A little time off from each other can be a refreshing way to spruce up the journey.
  • Consult and compromise. Make sure that everyone understands and agrees with the itinerary. Consider other people's interests during the trip.
  • Communicate. Disagreements happen. Working things out as a group will smoothen out misunderstandings.

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