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Plan a safe solo trip in Europe

Here's how to keep safe during your solo travel

Is it safe to travel alone on a Eurail trip?



Traveling by train is one of the safest ways to travel across Europe. A Eurail Pass gives you access to an extensive network of railway companies with some of the best connections, maintenance systems, and safety measures in the world.


If totally care-free trips are your thing, getting travel insurance from trusted provider World Nomads will ensure you aren't alone if things go wrong. World Nomads helps to cover unexpected medical bills, insurance of your favorite tech, and other additional expenses.

Are night trains safe?



But don't put your guard down and bear these safety tips in mind if you're staying overnight on the train!


10 Safety Tips for Train Travel


  • Do your research. Check the train timetable if there have been changes in the schedule.
  • Check online forums, discussion, or our Facebook group for advice from previous travelers about the particular route you're taking.
  • Always keep an eye on your bags. Secure your bags while you sleep by investing in a cable lock. 
  • Put a nametag on your belongings. 
  • You can also get private sleeping compartments for added security. Check out these different sleeping compartments
  • Keep your passport, travel documents, wallet, and phone with you at all times.
  • Power sockets can be difficult to find inside some trains so keep your cellphone batteries fully charged or simply bring a powerbank.
  • If you have to leave your seat to use the toilet or get some food, choose the right moment. A good time is when the train has just left the station and passengers have stopped entering or leaving the train.
  • Know where to find security officials inside the train.
  • Get a seat in a well-lit area with fellow travelers.


Don't let fear get in the way of your travel plans


Be bold, but also be smart. For girls out there, here are some tips on how to better prepare for your journey. 

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Top 10 Tips for Female Solo Travelers


  • Do extensive research about your destination. Know where the locals go and which neighborhoods to avoid. 
  • Dress like a local. Dress codes vary across countries because of religious and cultural reasons.
  • Know your limit especially when drinking alcohol. Don't be afraid to say "no" to invitations. 
  • Be mindful of taking drinks from a stranger.
  • Do not give away personal details about your trip like your schedule or your address.
  • Stay in public. Know where to get help if needed.
  • Stay connected. Keep your friends and family updated about your whereabouts.
  • Get enough sleep. Getting enough rest will make you more alert of your surroundings. 
  • Meet new people. Join walking tours and common dinners. It's also a great opportunity to meet fellow female travelers.
  • In cases of street harassment or catcalling, assess your safety first. Every situation is different. Use a firm voice if necessary, and quickly get yourself out of the situation by walking away.

Ready to start your trip? Take that leap of faith and start your solo trip in 33 amazing countries with a Eurail Global Pass.