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1 in 3 travellers keen to stick to holiday plans


Utrecht, 16 June 2020


EURAIL: 1 in 3 travellers keen to stick to holiday plans this year


Eurail’s survey on the impact of Covid-19 on travel shows that people look for added flexibility and are more likely to travel by train over other transportation modes.


According to a recent online survey* carried out by Eurail to better understand what the impact of Covid-19 is on people’s future travel plans, about 1/3 of the respondents who had planned a holiday this year considers sticking to their plans. Citizens from the Netherlands (41%) are among the most resilient, followed by German (31%) and British citizens (30%). When it comes to non-European countries, US travellers are the most confident about the possibility to travel this year, with 30% of the respondents not considering giving up on their travel plans.


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With regards to international travel, over half of the respondents globally (55%) still considers travelling abroad this year, while the remainder 45% plans to travel abroad in 2021.


Respondents from out of Europe are less positive than Europeans about short term international travels. In fact, 67% of Dutch respondents expect to travel internationally in 2020, as opposed to only 23% of the Australians – who are nonetheless very positive about travelling internationally in 2021, with 68% of them expecting to travel abroad next year.






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As per the preferred means of transportation, travelling by train on a rail pass appears to be the option most often considered for future travels overall (41%), followed by the private car (38%) and the train with a point to point ticket (24%). When asked what aspects would motivate them to book a rail pass and travel as early as they can, 37% of respondents overall have indicated that flexible cancellations and refund policies would play a major role, closely followed by the opportunity to obtain promotional fares. As far as the travel destinations are concerned, an overwhelming 86% of respondents said to be likely or very likely to select a destination in the nature or countryside, or to opt for smaller, lesser known cities as first holiday destination as soon as it is safe to travel again.



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