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All Aboard jumps on the train with Eurail

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 8 June 2021

All Aboard jumps on the train with Eurail

Start-up platform now sells Interrail Passes for European travelers 


All Aboard, a start-up train travel agency from Sweden, teamed-up with Eurail as official Interrail Pass sales distributor. Both companies shared passion for train travel and see a strong potential in promoting long-distance travel by rail as a sustainable alternative for air travel. The Interrail Passes are now available from All Aboard’s online platform to travelers from Europe. 


All Aboard launched its platform in 2020 and aims to disrupt the traditional train travel industry. The start-up, based in Stockholm, was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who wants to make long-distance train travel in Europe attractive and easy to plan and book. All Aboard’s vision is to attract Millennials and Gen Z to explore the world by train in a sustainable way. The Interrail Passes are a powerful addition to the current product offer of point-to-point train tickets connecting cities all over Europe. For now, All Aboard focusses on the European market only with the Interrail Passes. Oversees markets will follow later with the Eurail Passes, depending on how intercontinental travel will resume. 


In 2020 Eurail launched a new distribution platform and a mobile version of its Eurail and Interrail Passes. This allows for easier and seamless integration with new distributors. After a swift migration of the existing distributors to the new platform and mobile Passes, All Aboard is one of  the first new vendors that benefits. As part of their new distribution strategy, Eurail is looking to connect with more digital start-ups like All Aboard, who often introduce disruptive solutions and targets on  new audiences for Eurail and Interrail Passes.  


“We are proud to announce this new partnership with All Aboard. There’s a real connection between both companies where it comes our passion for train travel. Equally important, both Eurail and All Aboard will benefit from this partnership soon, now that we see early signs of the travel industry recovering for summer travel,” says Yi Ding, Business and Growth Manager at Eurail. 


 “When planning a long-distance train journey in Europe, you have to figure out what's the best option. Point-to-point tickets or an Interrail pass? We are happy that All Aboard finally solves that problem. We are very excited to partner up with Eurail on digital innovations that make sustainable travel easy and fun, “says Anton Trollbäck, CEO at All Aboard.


About All Aboard 

All Aboard is a digital train booking service that offers travelers to explore, plan and book train journeys in Europe – all in one place. At All Aboard, you search for destinations, get recommended routes based on expert trips, and book all tickets on the same website.

All Aboard is an authorized ticket retailer that covers the 100 main train operators and offers more than 37 000 unique routes to over 16000 destinations. All safe and secure.


About Eurail

Eurail gives travelers from all over the world the opportunity to experience flexible, borderless train travel across Europe. With a Eurail or Interrail Pass (for non-European and European citizens respectively), travelers of all ages can use an expansive network of train and ferry connections to travel in and between up to 33 countries. Eurail and Interrail Passes are available via the and web shops, as well as via an extensive network of trusted distribution partners worldwide. Eurail B.V. is owned by over 35 European railway and ferry companies, and is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For more information, visit or  




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