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Eurail celebrates a record year, setting stage for a promising 2024

15% off your next Eurail adventure

Utrecht, the Netherlands, February 20 2024


After a record-breaking 2023, Eurail is set to continue providing travelers with unforgettable experiences on the rails in 2024 by kicking off the travel season with a 15% discount on Eurail Passes.


Celebrating One Million Stories

Last year, Eurail B.V. achieved a significant milestone - surpassing 1.2 million Eurail and Interrail Passes sold worldwide, a 25% growth from 2022. This remarkable achievement represents the diverse and unique stories of over a million travelers.


To celebrate this milestone, Eurail has revealed five inspiring stories from travelers, which together form an exciting itinerary from Palermo to St. Moritz.  


New Timetables, Routes and Exciting Additions 

The European Railway Carriers’ first update of the year was released in December 2023, ushering in an array of possibilities and adventures. This includes an updated timetable, new routes such as the European Sleeper’s extended service to Prague, and the renewal of cross-border connections (for example, a direct train connecting Vilnius and Riga once again).


These updates unlock more possibilities, inviting travelers to Go One Stop Further, exploring everything Europe has to offer. 


Spring Promotion

This spring, to encourage travelers to follow their curiosity and not the crowd, Eurail Passes are 15% off until the 12th of March. With a mobile Pass in hand, travelers can activate their Passes and change their travel plans at any moment within 11 months after purchase. More information on terms and conditions can be found here.


Travelers can take advantage of this promotion to venture beyond the tourist hotspots, uncover unique activities, and craft their own unforgettable stories with the flexibility of a Eurail Pass in hand. 

About Eurail 

Eurail B.V. gives travellers from all over the world the opportunity to experience flexible, borderless train travel across Europe. With a Eurail or Interrail Pass (for non-European and European citizens, respectively), travellers of all ages can use an expansive network of train and ferry connections to travel in and between up to 33 countries.



Eurail and Interrail Passes are available via the and web shops, as well as via an extensive network of trusted distribution partners worldwide. Eurail B.V. is owned by over 35 railway and ferry companies in Europe. For more information, visit or