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Romania boasts some of Europe's best castles and woodland, but that's not all. See how many things you can tick off our Romania bucket list during your stay! 


Discover Dracula's Castle


You do know Dracula doesn't exist, right? But when you visit Bran Castle, rising high above the valley, you might have second thoughts. 


Located in the region of Transylvania, this castle attracts visitors from all over the globe, hoping to see some connection with the blood-sucking vampire. Either way, it's a great place to visit when you're in Romania! 



Climb the cathedral, Sibiu


Sibiu is a charming city with plenty of history, so you can easily spend a day wandering around. During your visit, make sure to climb the Lutheran Cathedral for stunning panoramas across the rooftops. Then, cross the Bridge of Lies and tell us what you honestly think! 



Marvel at the Merry Cemetery, Sapanta


As its name suggests, the Merry Cemetery will make you smile. Located in a small village in north Romania, the Merry Cemetery celebrates the lives of its inhabitants through brightly-painted crosses and portraits of the deceased. Take the time to read the inscriptions to see how these people have been immortalized - and not all of them in a flattering way...



Tour the Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest


This concert hall stands proudly in Romania's capital, with a beautiful Greek temple design and a stunning interior. As the heart of Romania's classical music tradition, it's the perfect place to watch a concert or attend an exhibition. 



Meet the horses, Letea Forest


Romania's Letea Forest is a hidden wonderland filled with forest, woodland, and dunes. As part of the Danube Delta, this is home to the Letea horses. Join a Delta safari to witness these wild horses in their natural habitat and learn about the conservation of this area. 



Photograph Peleș Castle, Sinaia


There isn't another castle quite like Peleș. With its gray turrets, white walls, and red and gold decoration, this castle truly belongs to a fairytale. 



Watch a traditional Romanian dance


If you happen to stumble across an ensemble performing a traditional Romanian dance, you're very fortunate. With their elaborate costumes, delicate movements, and joyous music, the dancers will soon put a smile on your face. Next time, why not join in yourself?



Dance all night, Vama Veche Beach


Join Romania's younger generations on Vama Veche Beach for a night you'll never forget. With film festivals, live music, dancing, and bonfires, the hours will slip away before you know it. 



Join a cycling tour, Bucharest


With so much to explore in Bucharest, it's difficult to know where to begin. Join a cycling tour for an alternative route around the capital, seeing sights while stretching your legs. 




Paint with watercolors, Bucharest 


If you're tired of sightseeing and need a day to relax, we've got just the thing for you. Amongst its other charms, Bucharest is also home to several cafés which offer just the activity you need: watercolor painting. At Acuarela, for example, after ordering your food, ask at the counter for paints and paper. Why don't you try and paint some of your favorite destinations?

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