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If you want a new adventure on cobbled streets, Serbia is the place for you. Scroll down for our top 10 bucket list ideas! 


Explore Belgrade's fortress


Belgrade's fortress is an iconic sight. Built across both the Danube and Sava river, this 3rd-century fortification has layers of history to unravel. Visit both the Upper and Lower Town and Kalemegdan Park to see it in all its finery.



Stroll around Skardarlija


You'd be forgiven for coming across Skardarlija and thinking you'd ended up in Montmartre, Paris. This beautiful cobbled district is Belgrade's Bohemian Quarter, a popular destination for writers and artists in the early 20th century. Stroll down the street, soaking up inspiration from the austere surroundings. 



Photograph Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad


Petrovaradin fortress sits right on the Danube and overlooks the city of Novi Sad. As the second-largest fortress in Europe, this used to be a military fort belonging to Austrian rulers. Nowadays, it's the place to be for art, culture, and music: a much better way of finding peace. 



See Studenica Monastery


Located in central Serbia, the Studenica Monastery is the country's largest and best-preserved Orthodox Monastery. With its distinctive white walls and curved structure, this monastery is also an important part of Serbian history and holds the remains of Saint Simeon.



Bathe in Banja Koviljača, Podrinje 


Banja Koviljača, or the Royal Spa Resort, is surrounded by wide plains and mountains. With its warm climate, sulphuric water, and medicinal mud, this hidden gem is a great place to relax when you're in the country.



Shop on Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrade 


Belgrade's main shopping street is the place to be in the city. As well as a great range of shopping options, this ancient street contains many historical buildings and mansions from Serbia's past.



Climb the Avala Tower, Belgrade 


Serbia's answer to the Eiffel Tower is a little more Brutalist, but still incredibly striking. A working telecomms tower, this reconstructed icon is now the place to see the best city panoramas. It's also a monument of great historical significance, which is worth discovering on your way to the top.



Relax at Kej Oslobodenja 


Also known as the Quay of Liberation, Kej Oslobodenja sits upon the banks of the Danube. It's an excellent location to sit, stroll and relax during your city break. 



Watch a show at the National Theater, Belgrade 


The National Theater stands in the center of Belgrade as the cultural heart of the city. With an opera, drama, and ballet ensemble, why not check out a performance to your tastes? 



Visit Stari Dvor and Novi Dvor, Belgrade 


Both former royal residences, Belgrade's Old and New Palaces are located in Belgrade's centerWith their beautiful facades and surrounding park, these two palaces sit comfortably together, now forming the Belgrade City Assembly and the Presidential Palace. 

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