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Book your seat reservations

Using the timetable below, you can make reservations for most European trains. Exceptions are the Baltic countries, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the UK (except for Eurostar trains).

Reservation Self-Service icons

The following icons may appear in your search results:


  • R in green circle: Reservation required

  • R in dotted circle: Reservation optional

  • ! symbol: Please check the full journey - you might not be able to reserve a seat on one of the trains.

  • ? symbol: Click on this for an explanation of the train type. You'll be taken to a new page.

How the Self-Service works

New to making seat reservations? Please read these 4 points below before you use the Self-Service tool:

  • To use the Self-Service, you need to be logged in to your Eurail account and have a trip and travelers selected.
  • The Self-Service lets you book e-ticket reservations up to 3 hours before its departure. You'll receive an e-ticket which we recommend you print at home.
  • Paper ticket reservations have to be booked at least 6 business days before the train's departure. You'll receive paper tickets through registered mail.
  • Seats on the train are assigned automatically. If you book for your group, you'll be seated together whenever possible. However, you may be split up, especially if you're travelling in a bigger group or if you book closer to the departure date.

What are seat reservations?

For some trains, like high-speed and night trains, it's mandatory to buy a seat reservation. With this reservation your seat on that particular train is guaranteed. Please note that you can only buy reservations when you have a valid activated Eurail Pass. 


Don't have your Eurail Pass yet? Not sure whether you need seat reservations, or how much they cost? Dont worry – we have all the answers.


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