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European destinations to spend Halloween

Most European countries have embraced the frightening fun of Halloween. And with its spooky castles, dark forests, and age-old legends, the European continent is a great (and pleasantly frightening!) place to celebrate October 31st. These are the best European destinations to spend your Halloween.

1. Transylvania, Romania


What better place to celebrate Halloween than the home of Count Dracula himself? Every end of October, the mysterious Bran Castle is the location of an unforgettable Halloween party.

Looking for something quieter? The vast, haunted forests of this beautiful Romanian region are waiting for you…

To get to Bran Castle, take the train to Brașov from Bucharest Northern Railway Station. This will take approximately 3.5 hours. From Brașov Railway Station, there are several regular buses that go to Bran during the day.

2. Dublin, Ireland


If you’re in Ireland, make sure not to miss the 4-day Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin. With an action-packed programme, from expositions to endless club nights, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get bored. 

Most trains in Ireland operate to and from Dublin. There are two main stations in Dublin: Connolly Station and Heuston Station.

3. Paris, France


Many people think of Paris as the glittering city of light, but few people know about the city’s dark secret. Up until the late 1800s, six million Parisians were dug up from cemeteries around the city and moved to the Catacombs, 100 steps beneath the surface. It’s the ultimate Halloween setting. 

The catacombs are accessible from 1, avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy.

4. Venice, Italy


Up for something romantic? Look no further than Venice, one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. With its disturbing history, its lights reflecting on the dark water of the canals, and its extravagant masquerade balls, you’re up for a Halloween you’ll never forget. 

Venice is on a major rail line served by local, regional, and high-speed trains. Make sure to get off at Santa Lucia Station!

5. Copenhagen, Denmark


For three weeks leading up to October 31, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen turn into a Halloween wonderland, complete with pumpkin carvings, confusing mazes, and a range of fiendish characters. It’s one of the most popular events in Denmark. 

Tivoli Gardens are a short walk from Copenhagen Central Station.

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